For Hawaiians, water is life. Mineral rich cool mountain water flows down from the mountains nourishing crops on farms below. The waters continue their natural path down to the sea where it provides food for marine life and coral. It supports critical reef ecosystems which continue to thrive and flourish from this perpetual cycle.
Maui offers some of the most stunning waterfalls in the Hawaiian island chain. Most are located on the north side of the island and many are found on the famous Road to Hana.
From waterfalls surrounded by rock outcroppings located deep in the rain forest, to stunning “bridal veils” and plunging pools, any traveler will be in awe once they’ve experienced one of these natural wonders.
Following are just a small selection of the many incredible waterfalls to visit during your stay on Maui.
Waimoku Falls
Set above East Maui’s Sacred Pools of Ohe’o, these falls are accessible by the Pipiwai Trail.  The trail is a two-mile hike each way.  The trail is moderate to challenging in difficulty level, but the surrounding groves of banyan trees and bamboo along the trail make you feel like you’ve entered another world. Waimoku Falls are an incredible 400 feet high and a sight you won’t soon forget.
Alelele Falls
Referred to as a “hidden” waterfall, it also happens to be located on a hidden road. When driving the back road to Hana, this is also the last waterfall you’ll probably find. At the end of this fall’s glorious 50-foot dropping cascade, you will find an amazing and secluded plunge pool below.  Because the falls diminish to a slow trickle during summer months, this fall is best visited in the winter season.
Twin Falls
Although these falls are very popular and can get crowded, the ease of access and beautiful jungle setting definitely make these falls a sight not to miss. Even though it is called Twin Falls, there are actually more than two. The biggest falls, including the breathtaking “Caveman”, are only about a mile hike in from the road. You can even get away from the crowds by taking many different trails to view smaller falls. There is also a great roadside fruit stand to buy fresh fruit while you’re there!
Honokohau Falls
Being Maui’s tallest and virtually inaccessible waterfall, one can only view the the majesty of this 1,100 foot stunner by helicopter.  Located in a remote valley, conditions needs to be just right to experience Honokohau Falls. Best viewing is in the early morning to eliminate the chance of heavy cloud cover.
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Wailua Falls
If you or someone in your party has limited mobility, Wailua Falls is a great option. This waterfall is nearly on the road- making it accessible to everyone. Many guided tours of the Road to Hana stop here. For the more adventurous, you can also follow a very short trail to arrive at the very base of these beautiful falls and soak in the sounds and pounding energy of these magnificent falls.