Jan 2007-Kamaole Sands-Kathy, I should have written sooner, but I am catching up at work….We had an impossible-to-describe wonderful time in Maui!!! What a paradise! The weather was perfect every day. We loved everything. We never go the same place twice (cuz there’s just so much wonderful to see in this world), but we are already planning our next trip. We loved the condo, and felt that the price was excellent! We also loved that location, and after seeing the whole island , would return there again, without a doubt. We really liked the atmosphere, beaches, lack of high-rises, etc. I also really appreciated all the info you sent about the area – I had done quite a bit of “research ” myself, but your info was a delightful extra – for example – finding “Little Beach” thru that small gate in that wall was like a miracle I will not soon forget. I have since dreamed again about the beauty of that beach- that was certainly a very special find. I thank you for that one!! Anyway, we just really could not have asked for more – we spent our days in a perfect combo of activities, and just beaching! We saw Hana, Upcountry,Lahaina, and at least 15 different beaches. We visited w/ many different people, which my family enjoyed. We did an all day whale cruise and snorkeled at Molokini and Lanai. Our daughters got to swim w/ the sea turtles and see lots of whales. We also saw lots of surfers, gorgeous waves, beaches beyond compare, sunsets, and the aquarium. All told, we did about half of what we had planned, so we’ll just have to go back! Once we were there, we quickly realized, that we had to slow down, and just look, and b-r-e-a-t-h-e- too! I cannot thank you enough for it all. Seems like I happened upon you and our lovely little condo in a lucky state of grace!

Fondly, Corinna – Wausau, WI