Living here on Maui, “Magic” just happens!

Photos by Kathy McCartney

June 26, 2017, Oprah Winfrey, our celebrity resident on Maui, was called upon to give a speech at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) to promote Maui living, good health, focused intention, gratitude, and talk story!  She is a wonderful motivational speaker and she knows how to entertain with her great sense of humor.   I really enjoyed the presentation.

Photos by Kathy McCartney

Over 5,000 people attended

The event was advertised on June 19th.  Eventually, Maui’s coconut wireless reached my friend Rob who told me about the event with only 24 hours left to enter the sweepstakes.  I said, “YES let’s do it!”  It was not easy for him to enter, and I also tried with no success.  I however gave up but pleaded and encouraged Rob to keep trying :).  And try he did for more than an hour until he finally got us entered.  He had to go as far as to make several telephone calls.  Mahalo mahalo Rob!  I spoke with other people who also experienced technical difficulties and they gave up.  So we were lucky to get entered at the last minute and awarded two free tickets to the event sponsored by Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA) and its app called Sharecare.

Photos by Kathy McCartney

Those who downloaded the app to their cell phone were entered to win tickets. Sharecare allows HMSA subscribers to track their health, fitness, level of happiness or stress etc.  Sharecare app goes beyond HMSA members, their goal is to have the app go statewide.

HMSA Chief Executive Officer Michael Gold called the event a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

“We know that her ability to inspire will be a huge boost to our efforts to advance health and well-being across Hawaii,” he said.

Photos by Kathy McCartney

More than 5,000 people showed up for the free event.  There was a long line stretching out to Kahului Beach Road.  The mood was festive and positive.  The day was warm in the sun but well worth attending to see Oprah speak in her first ever live appearance on Maui.  This was a dream come true for me and many others.

Video by Kathy McCartney

I created a 4 minute video with snippets from her speech that focused on the “why” she moved here and her take on the Maui Magic.  My visual quality is not very good on the video, for that, I apologize.  Take in the message the audio is good and her message profound.  She reveals the reason why she moved here.  I added some pictures of upcountry, Kula, the beautiful land she speaks of on Maui so you will get an idea that our island is more than just pretty beaches…We have forests and jungles too.

It is a great place to live for those brave enough to take the leap but if not, an annual visit to our lovely island will leave you rejuvenated and in awe.

For the full hour Oprah Winfrey speech click this link to see the video.

Remember bring the Aloha spirit and mindset with you and take it back to the mainland with a full heart.  Let us make this world a better place.

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