Oct 2011 – Unit C619 – Aloha Kathy, I am so sorry for getting back to you late, it’s been crazy over here. My husband and I just and are in the works of unpacking while starting our new jobs. We wish we were still in Maui! Anyways, mahalo for your hospitality. We really enjoyed our stay in C619, it’s a beautiful place. You were very right, it was so nice to have two bathrooms! Once we got back from snorkeling each day there was no rock, paper, scissors for who gets the shower first! 🙂 We also really appreciated your ‘Welcome to Maui’ newsletter. We loved the Secret Beach (see attached photos), Cafe Des Amis (delicious!), and the Ahihi-Kinau Preserve (swimming in a fish bowl!). We loved how thorough it was; when we took extra long beach breaks we were able to just refer to it (as far as Ka’anapali!) and find a good place for a late dinner. It really was a great and valuable resource, again, thank you. I’m sure you will appreciate this as you embrace social marketing such as YouTube, but I love to write reviews. I have a Yelp account and am trying to start a tripadvisor acct, too. There are a few mentions of a “Kathy” on tripadvisor for Kihei Akahi, with no contact info. I would also like to add my recommendation for those looking for a place to stay in Kihei. May I direct my review to an email address or website for you? If that’s alright, please let me know what contact information you would like left in my review. I am going to try to get those reviews out in the next week! 🙂 Mahalo!