September 2008 – C618 – Dear Kathy, It has been a long time from my summer vacation. In Japan, it became colder nowadays. I really love snow boarding, so I’m waiting for snow…I remember the days in Maui. It was very nice. I enjoyed everything! I stayed comfortably thanks to your condo. Besides, you provided that cheaper than the regular price. As my gratitude, I will send you this Japanese wash clothes. Which is yu-zen dying. These are very convenient and functional. In Maui I really enjoyed the life. First, I went to Krispy Kreme (there are some shops too in Japan. It appeared a few years ago) and Safeway to buy things we need in Maui life but before that, Hawaiian Air lost our baggage. Our 2 suitcases went to Hawaii. We didn’t like to wait so we had our baggage delivered to our condo. We went to the beaches everyday. Some of the days sharks appeared. We couldn’t enter the sea for more than 4 hours. I sometimes surfed (but little waves in the summer), sometimes we went shopping at the Farmer’s Market and swap meet. This year, we challenged driving to Hana. It’s a little far from Kihei, but it was really wonderful and scenic way. We got avocados!!! It was wild one. There was an avocado tree and my friend found it. There was some tiny trouble but there were all nice memories! Thanks a lot xxx !