March 2008 D402 – Dear Kathy and Linda With apologies for taking so long…. We hope you had a Happy Easter, ours was great. It has just taken so long to get things back to normal Mostly we want to thank you for such a lovely condo in Kehei. We were very pleasantly surprised, especially after a less than ideal one in Honolulu. I am hoping that you will pass on our thanks to the owners. We were very taken with the Asian decor — such a departure from the usual. The fruit and goodies basket was a wonderful welcome surprise !! Thank you both, it was very generous and kind, and we greatly appreciated it. All in all we had a superlative Hawaiian vacation, with a few highlights…not the least was the Maui part. As always the whale watching is a favourite of ours. The lanai gave us a great view . We kept our binoculars at the ready all day and were not disappointed with the viewing. This is also the first time we have ventured up Haleakala and WOW !!! We were also lucky enough to get to the Pan Pacific Soccer Championship games, much to the envy of Ann’s older brothers (and as a bonus we got to see David Beckham play!) It is now back to reality…it snowed a little this morning, now the sun is out, but so is the wind. Next week promises to be warmer or should I say less cold. The dog was very glad to have us home and we have waded through the pile of mail etc. The tans are fading ( I reckon the fading starts as soon as you step on the plane ) Hopefully it will not be 9 years before the next time. Again , thank you for the place, the treats and your help… Best regards

Diane and Ann