December 2008 – C618 – Aloha Kathy, As usual, it is great to be back here, it was like walking into a ‘home away from home. The beer in the fridge was the best thing. The day’s travels all forgotten, sitting on the lanai, drinking my ‘Longboards,’ eating fresh Maui pineapple. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, such a life. Thank you for the fruit basket, it is always appreciated & well used. Yummy coffee & cookies. My oldest son & his wife are here for their 1st time & they also think that they are in Paradise. Hope that you are well, again, thank you for the fruit basket & the beer. I forgot to mention that I love the new colors, they look terrific. The side by side fridge with the ice dispenser is also invaluable. There was quite a storm a few days ago, thankfully the power didn’t go out. Hope that you had some good weather on your holiday !

Aloha Gaye.