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  • Christmas in Hawai’i

    CHRISTMAS IN HAWAI’I – A Hawaiian’s Canadian Wife’s Perspective Most people are familiar with the famous song, Mele Kalikimaka written by Hawai’i composer Robert Alexander Anderson in 1949 and popularized by Bing Crosby in 1950. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob4LT_gUSFQ This song really encapsulates the feeling most of us [...]

  • Hawaiian Music Spotlight

    CJ Helekahi singer/musician/recording artist/songwriter is well-known for sharing his love of his multi-generational home of Hāna through his music. Since moving out to Wailuku in 2019, you’ll find him playing at various venues around the island. Tanya, his wife, is a valued member of the [...]

  • Neowise Comet as seen from Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii

    WHAT IS A COMET? Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock and dust that orbit the Sun. When frozen, they are the size of a small town. It orbits the Sun just like planets and asteroids, except a comet usually has a very elongated [...]


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