May 2008 – D402 – Aloha Linda, Well we actually made the decision to just stay another night, May 22, and skip the headache of standing by for the flights tonight. I will leave a check for $332.03 on the counter made out to Marianne Harris. We will be leaving the the condo at 6ish pm on Friday, May 23rd, so if you’d like to tell Nancy, that would be great. We’ll try to take all that we brought with us this time so she doesn’t have to store our belongings again…ha-ha. Thanks for the kind words and you are a delight to deal with as well. As you know, there are many choices for condos on the island. We love Kihei Akahi D-402, but it’s your service that makes our stay convenient and seamless. We hope to return in the fall so you should be hearing from us in the near future. Thanks again!